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New box and certificate for my little ha


All of my miniatures are completely handmade and painted to the finest quality from start to finish.


The birds and animals are accurately scaled down from their true size. I then totally hand sculpt them to include as much detail as possible.  Most of these will go on to be totally One of a Kind Miniatures, (this is quite new to me and I'm really enjoying it).  I will then hand paint them as realistically as I can in their natural colours.


The one of a kind pieces come with their own little certificate of authenticity and in a special box.

2018-04-07 09.02.35.jpg

I have changed the way that I make most of my miniatures.  I now hand sculpt each item from scratch.  


I will occasionally buy a little handmade miniature from another miniaturist and use it to enhance my work.  I never use transfers or other people's blanks. 

My Gallery shows many of the wide range of miniatures I've made over the years.


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