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Autumn Miniatura Countdown

(This is a blog from 2015 taken from my old website).

Sep 25, 2015


And the countdown begins, One week to Miniatura.  This is always the most frantic time for me, I've done loads of work but haven't actually finished anything.  It's been even worse for me this time as I gave my workroom a massive sort out at the start of the summer, developed an awful chest infection and went on holiday!!!

I tend to start panicking and trying to do everything at once.  It would be so good if I could be more organised and have a set plan of action!

What to do next?  

Ahhhhhhh, I don't know!!!!!!!

I definitely want to finish some of my New Butterflies and finish the little blue budgie and cage for one of my dearest customers. I have also been working on some Toby Jugs, I haven't made them for years, I hope they'll still be liked as much as when I first made them. And some brand new little Candle Snuffers.

Time always seems short.  I get up in the morning with such massive plans, but by the time I've got the boys sorted and at school, had the odd chat on the way home, got back and fed the dog, put a wash in, had breakfast, done some cleaning it's usually about 10.30.  Then off again at 2.55 for school pick up.  That time in between seems to go so quickly!!!

Luckily I have a great hubby who comes home and takes over the boys and getting a meal, so I can go back to work.  

I get very annoyed with myself because I am always setting myself impossible goals, and I get even more annoyed with myself when i don't achive them. 

Even when I am working, I am up and down to a constant, Muuuuuuuuuum....... coming from somewhere in the house, as anyone who has had a six year old knows, they don't tend to come to you when they need something, they just stay where they are and shout at the top of their voices until you come.

The other distraction I have is that little black and white canine that sits in the doorway and stares at me, until I either let her out or give her some attention. It's amazing I manage to get any work done at all!

Oh, I could do a few monkey teapots or some chicken pots, haven't made them for a while. Good grief!!! There I go again, I'VE ONLY GOT A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!


Well My Goodness,  that week went quick.

It always seems to me that when you want to really get on, everything comes up, school drop ins, harvest festival etc. Daniel needs more attention the minute I say, "I really need to do some work", poor little lad doesn't get as much as he should just before a miniature fair. I'm relieved I managed to get the Butterflies, Candle Snuffers and Toby Jugs finished. It wasn't easy, this time everything seemed to be so disorganised, I knew it was going to be a push but I never expected to be still travelling to Birmingham at 10 at night. And I still had a few things to do in the hotel. Mind you there was not much traffic on the roads.  


next time finish earlier, travel in the afternoon, relax in the hotel, set up the table that night,

back to the hotel again for a good night's sleep.

What are the chances? Pretty slim!!!

Maybe if we keep aiming for it we will eventually achieve it.

Never mind, we got there, I finished the things I needed o do and we settled down for a short nights sleep, well that's what I thought would happen. Instead I was just falling asleep when the people in the next room decided to watch telly. Oh Great!!! I did manage to get a few hours sleep.

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