Early Days

(This is a blog from 2015 taken from my old website).

Sep 5, 2015

The first miniatures I made, I have to admit were a little rough, but gradually with practice they began to improve.  I took some to a little local Doll's House Shop, the owner was great he said he would put some in a cabinet, he did and they started to sell. He also gave me advice on what to make. 

I used Fimo in the beginning and made each one individually it was hard getting them as detailed as I wanted for a reasonable price.  So I started trying out different methods of casting.  I went though all sorts of combinations some worked some didn't, I eventually found something that worked for me and started manipulating it.  One of the first things I cast was a brown kitchen set that I took from a very old Harrods catalogue, then I made cups, saucers, plates, wash sets and all sorts of things.  I started to get more detailed with my painting, this was the part I really loved most.  I decided to do a few small local miniature fairs, which were quite successful and I really enjoyed the contact with people, so much feedback.  It was about this time when I began making birds and animals, I really loved this more than anything, cats and kittens, robins, blackbirds, blue tits, great tits, Oh What Fun!!!