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First Time at Kensington

(This is a blog from 2015 taken from my old website).

Sep 15, 2015

Somehow I just became Miniatures By Sadie and began to do more miniature fairs, mainly Lorna Quick's Four Seasons Fairs. My favourites of these were Ely and Waltham Abbey, I liked the latter because it was a miniature fair for hand made items, it's much easier to compete against other makers, not so easy to compete against mass produced things shipped in for pennies. 

It was about 1994 at one of these fairs that the organiser of the London Dollshouse Festival spotted me. I didn't really know much about the LDF at that time but accepted Caroline's offer happily. I started working, I was pleased with the amount I had managed to complete.

When I arrived I found I was on the top floor near the cafe on a long thin table. I set everything up and waited to see what happened. WELL!!!!!! It was absolutely amazing I just started selling, I have always been a very modest person and never felt there was anything special about my work, my Mum had always praised me but I thought that was just a Mum thing. I still find it difficult to accept praise for things I make, but I also love it.

At the end of the first day I was so surprised that I only had few items left, but also really worried because there were still two more days to go!!!  That night it all felt a little unreal. I was so tired but hardly slept. Luckily I had a cabinet with one of each of the miniatures for display only, so there was still something for people to see for the next two days. At least then I had time to have a good look around and make some new friends. One of these lovely new friends was Victoria Faskin with her beautiful work, who was backed on to my table the other side of the glass panel. She is usually in the same place to this day. It was like a family of miniaturists, everyone was so friendly, including the customers. 

I was amazed by the quality of the miniatures at this show, It was just spellbinding and it still is.

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